Tips to Increase Your CNC Longevity

Your company’s CNC machines are valuable and costly investments. Wise owners and managers know they need to squeeze every possible hour of work out of these machines. At Accurate Machine Tool Services, we see lots of worn, misused and abused CNC equipment. We perform health assessments, preventive maintenance and repairs on many pieces of machinery – we know a lot because we’ve seen a lot! 

Here are some valuable tips to increase your CNC longevity and get the most out of your machines.

Keep Work Spaces Clean

Most machine or equipment accidents are caused by excess dirt, grime or residue buildup within the work space. Removing debris and chips from work spaces can help prevent serious mishaps and equipment losses. That few minutes between tasks or projects that your team members spend cleaning up and removing debris and dirt can save you much more by preventing excessive downtime and repair costs.

Invest in Periodic Assessments & Preventive Maintenance

Experienced team members can keep an eye on your machinery to help with CNC longevity, but nothing can replace a professional evaluation and preventive maintenance by a trained and skilled repair technician. Accurate MTS offers three levels of assessment and maintenance services that are tailored to fit your company’s size and needs.

Expect & Plan for Breakdowns

Eventually, even the most robust machine or piece of equipment will break down. Anything can happen, from broken tools to worn couplings to shorted electrical components. You can increase your CNC longevity by expecting these problems and planning ahead for them. Budget for repair costs and include backup machines in your overall plan for equipment spending. This, with scheduled preventive maintenance and assessments, can keep your machines working longer for more productivity, even when a breakdown occurs.

Only Trust Reputable Repair Technicians for CNC Longevity

When a machine breaks down, it is always a serious mistake to allow a team member to “try to fix it.” And your attempt to save money by having your wife’s brother’s cousin that used to work on machinery come and try to rig something up will usually cost you more in the long run. You have invested serious resources into your CNC machinery – don’t trust it to just anyone when you need repairs. Accurate MTS technicians have a combined 100+ years of experience that you can depend on. Plus, the work we perform, carried out in the correct manner, will go farther in promoting CNC longevity than some dangerous temporary fix

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