Benefits of Having a CNC Machine Evaluation Done

Among our many valuable levels of preventive maintenance services, one of the most common we perform is a CNC Machine Evaluation which we call a Health Assessment. Your CNC equipment is absolutely vital to your success as a business. Every minute of downtime for repairs, and all the material that gets wasted from mishaps, costs you money. A periodic CNC Machine Evaluation by our trained technicians can spot potential trouble areas and handle small issues before they become larger, more expensive problems. 

Take the word of a recent client – We performed a CNC Health Assessment on their equipment and warned them about a particular machine with an excessive buildup of magnesium chips. We recommended that their team do a better job keeping the machine’s work area clean. A few weeks later, we were called on to remove this same, now burned-up, machine from service and help them set up a spare to get them running again. About a week of productivity was lost on this one machine. 

What happened? The machine’s cutter ran into a clamp on a workpiece, due to the buildup of magnesium chips – the same issue we cleaned up and warned them about weeks prior. This caused sparks and a resulting fire that burned out the machine. 

It is so important to have a health assessment done on your equipment but it’s even more important to follow the recommendations provided. If the staff had kept the magnesium chips clean this could have been avoided and there would not have been a lost week of productivity.

CNC health assessment
CNC health assessment
CNC health assessment

What is Included in a CNC Health Assessment?

Accurate Machine Tool Services offers three levels of preventive care. The most basic is our CNC Health Assessment. This service provides a detailed inspection of your machinery and a report on their overall condition, including Backlash and Geometries. Clients can choose to add onto this basic service by choosing our GOLD or PLATINUM Preventive Maintenance service options. 

What are the Benefits of a CNC Health Assessment?

Longevity, uninterrupted productivity and safer operations are all key benefits of having our CNC machine evaluation done. Stop dangerous and costly disasters before they happen by keeping a professional eye on your valuable equipment and machinery. All our services are tailored to meet your unique needs and the size of your company for the best possible value. 

With over 100 years of combined experience in CNC mechanical and electrical repairs and service, you can trust us to provide superior, professional-grade service in a timely and efficient manner. When your machine is down, Accurate MTS won’t let you down!