Common Reasons for CNC Repairs

Computer numerical control (CNC) systems are computer-controlled machine tools used in manufacturing. They are capable of incredible accuracy when functioning properly. At Accurate Machine Tool Services, we’ve seen all sorts of problems with CNC machines across southeastern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Here are some of the most common reasons for CNC repairs we encounter, and how to prevent them from happening.

Lack of Maintenance

This is perhaps the number one cause of CNC repairs we see in our business. Taking a few moments between tasks to clean away debris, dirt, chips, and other preventive maintenance chores can significantly lengthen your CNC machinery’s lifespan and prevent serious damages. Accurate MTS offers three levels of assessments and preventive maintenance to fit your size company and equipment.

Programming Errors

CNC machines are computer-controlled, which means someone has to tell the computer what to do. A lack of basic understanding of the different G and M codes used for the controller, a wrong setup or inputting the wrong data variables into the CNC controller can damage tools and machines and waste valuable materials. The solution for this is more and better training for operators.

Choosing the Wrong Tools/Settings

Here again, the computer only does what you tell it to do, and it uses the tools you choose. When you see rough edges, cutter marks, raised marks, or burn marks on the material’s edges or corners, or seem to experience extensive tool wear, this is usually because of poor settings or using the wrong tools. Eliminate these errors with more and better training for operators.

Machine Vibration/Chatter

Vibration, or chatter, while a CNC machine is operating can do serious long-term damage to your machines and tools. Many CNC repairs require replacing numerous components caused by vibration wear and breaks. We can diagnose whether you are experiencing machine chatter or tool chatter, and help you make necessary adjustments to eliminate the vibration.


Constant use with little time for breaks can cause overheating. Anything above 150 degrees Fahrenheit is considered too hot for CNC machines. Overheating can also be caused by excessive dirt, debris or chips building up around your tools, or when machine oil breaks down because it needs changing. Take time to clean up and care for your machinery to prevent CNC repairs and expensive downtime.

Reliable CNC Repairs

Accurate Machine Tool Services can perform CNC repairs on a wide variety of machines from numerous manufacturers, including Toyoda, Hyundai, Wia, Mori Seiki, Wele, NTC, Nakamura Tome, Kia, OKK, Hwacheon, Awea, Matsura, Robo Drill, Kiwa, Topper, Johnford, Youji, Samsung, Hitachi Seiki, Hurco, Kitamura, SMEC, Leadwell, Eurotech and Milltronics. 

We also respond to your CNC repairs request within 24 hours to get you up and running as soon as possible. Contact us today for repairs, assessments or preventive maintenance needs.