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If your business uses CNC machines and parts, Accurate Machine Tool Services can help you automate operations and deal with malfunctioning equipment efficiently and effectively. We’re known for timely, accurate service with a professional attitude—always looking out for our customers first. You’ll find peace of mind knowing you’ve got a team with deep knowledge and experience in the industry. When you need support for your equipment, we’ll be your first call.

Reliability is key in manufacturing environments. You can count on the Accurate MTS team to bring quality equipment and exceptional service to every job. We understand that to remain competitive, you need affordable solutions to maintain your machines. We use the highest quality CNC parts on all manufacturers that we service.

We are certified in the following manufacturers: Hitachi Seiki, Toyota, NTC, Nakamura Tome, Hwacheon, Awea, Matsura, Robo Drill, Kiwa, Topper, Johnsford, Youli, Samsung, and Wele.

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