10 Things to Look for in a Quality Machine Shop

Accurate Machine Tool Services works with a number of quality machine shops to keep their high-performing CNC machines operating smoothly. Our technicians have seen it all, so we know a quality machine shop when we see one. Do you? Take a look at these ten traits of a quality machine shop and see how well your shop compares. 

Ten Traits of a Quality Machine Shop

Here are ten things our team knows to look for in a quality machine shop.

1. Experience

Look for a machine shop with a long track record of success. Experienced shops have seen it all and can handle any challenge that comes their way. Do your research and find out how long the shop has been in operation. 

2. Capabilities

Make sure the machine shop has the equipment and expertise to handle your specific needs. From CNC machining to welding, the right shop should be able to handle any job you throw their way.

3. Quality Control

Due to the exact measurements required to create parts, quality control is vital as it ensures that machines can produce parts to required standards, which in turn guarantees precision and accuracy. Industry standards are also rigorous and manufacturers must comply to avoid penalties, so this quality control again comes into play. 

4. Communication

Communication is vital to a successful project. Look for a machine shop that is responsive and transparent with clients throughout the process to ensure specifications and requirements are met from the very beginning. Communication is also vital between team members to ensure consistent and high-quality output. 

5. Safety

One of the most important aspects of any machine shop is its employees, so it is paramount that their safety is the top consideration. Does the machine shop have rigorous safety standards in practice? Do they practice what they preach? Ensure safety including PPE, inspections, regular machine maintenance, and other safety regulations are monitored and applied makes for a quality shop. 

6. Competitive Pricing

While price shouldn’t be the only factor in your decision, it’s still an important one. Look for a machine shop that offers competitive pricing as this means they’re confident in the quality of their work and want to attract customers with fair prices.

7. Timeliness

Time is money, and delays can be costly. Even one minute of downtime can throw off the entire production process and impact the bottomline. Look for a machine shop that can deliver your parts on time, every time.

8. Customer Service

A quality machine shop should be focused on customer satisfaction. Look for a shop that goes above and beyond to ensure you’re happy with the final product.

9. Certifications

Certifications can be a good indicator of a machine shop’s quality. Look for shops with industry organization certifications like ISO9001 or AS9100.

10. References

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask for references. A quality machine shop should be more than happy to provide them, and they can give you valuable insight into their capabilities and customer service.

So, how did your shop measure up? Don’t fret if you lack in some areas – Accurate MTS can help!

Accurate Machine Tool Services Can Help Your Shop

Accurate Machine Tool Services can make your workshop run like clockwork with regular preventive maintenance tailored to your shop’s specific size, needs, and CNC machinery. Our skilled and trained technicians are well-versed in a wide variety of machine brands and how to service them correctly. Regular maintenance keeps your machines operating at peak efficiency longer, allowing you to enjoy the most from your investment. Keep your employees focused on profit-generating jobs, and leave the preventive maintenance chores to us! 

Accurate MTS also offers top-quality Mechanical Repair, Electrical Repair, and the finest CNC products and parts from top brands in the industry. We can provide everything you need to maintain your quality machine shop and keep customers returning for more top-grade services. 

Contact Accurate MTS when you need repairs, routine maintenance, CNC machines and parts, and more expertise to keep your machine shop at the forefront of recommended service providers in your area.