Weekly Machine Maintenance Checklist that can Save You Big

Machinery breakdowns cost your company precious downtime and repair expenses. You may even have to replace machinery or tools due to failures. This unplanned downtime actually eliminates between 5-20% of your total average productivity. One estimate places the costs of downtime industry-wide at $50 billion each year. Weekly machine maintenance can save you big, catching small issues before they develop into huge problems. 

Use the following weekly machine maintenance checklist from the professionals at Accurate Machine Tool Services as a guide for creating your own.

Check the General Area

Each week, preferably at the beginning of the week, take a few moments and look closely at your shop working area. Take notice of any items that need to be removed, cleaned, repaired, or otherwise need attention for improved safety and productivity. 

  1. Sweep all floor surfaces clean
  2. Clean up any spills
  3. Remove loose items or clutter from workspaces and walkways
  4. Store any loose tools appropriately 
  5. Ensure all safety signs are clean, free of damage, and clearly visible 
  6. Replace any defective light bulbs or fixtures
  7. Check all electrical cords; replace any that are worn, frayed, or damaged
  8. Ensure all paths for heavy machinery or lifts are clear
  9. Ensure any floor markings are clean, free from damage, and clearly visible 
  10. Check/change air filtration systems to ensure free-flowing air and removal of airborne debris

Check the Machines

Machine maintenance is what keeps your shop operating continuously, with little to no downtime. While routine preventive maintenance by the professionals at Accurate MTS is an important step in keeping your machinery working flawlessly, some weekly maintenance by your own team can prevent serious breakdowns and the resulting downtime. 

  1. Ensure that machinery is clear of debris
  2. Wipe machine surfaces of lubricant, dirt, and other loose debris
  3. Inspect tools for sharpness and possible damage 
  4. Check for and replace worn or damaged tools
  5. Check all machinery fluid levels and air filters; replace as needed
  6. Calibrate machines 
  7. Check any belts for damage
  8. Replace any blown light bulbs
  9. Check all safety shields for damage; replace as necessary 
  10. Inspect all machinery electrical cords for damage or wear; replace as necessary 
  11. Check hydraulic pressures in machines
  12. Grease all moving parts 
  13. Clean safety windows and shields
  14. Ensure all safety stickers are clean, free of damage, and clearly visible 
  15. Make sure all machine instruction and safety manuals are readily available

Routine Machine Maintenance from Accurate MTS

Accurate MTS technicians are trained and experienced in a wide variety of brands and models to perform machine maintenance. We offer three levels of preventive machine maintenance that are tailored to fit any size operation. Contact us today to schedule machine maintenance or when you need electrical or mechanical repairs.