Why is CNC Machine Preventive Maintenance Important to Keep Your Company Profitable?

Maintaining your CNC machinery in Franklin and surrounding Wisconsin or Illinois towns is an absolute must. Your CNC machines are your lifeline – without them in peak operating condition, you quickly start to lose money. This is why CNC machine preventive maintenance is such a vital part of your overall business plan. Keeping your tools and machines working in tip-top condition keeps your company profitable for the long run. Let’s explore how.

Minimize Costly Breakdowns

CNC machine breakdowns can cost as much as five times the cost of preventive maintenance. This is a huge unexpected expense that often comes when you need it the least – and it puts a serious crimp in your operating funds. Since many machine shops operate on minimal overhead, margins are often thin. Any unexpected costs, especially major repair costs, are best avoided. CNC machine preventive maintenance can catch developing problems early, allowing for corrections to prevent serious and costly breakdowns.

Maximize Profitable Productivity

CNC machine preventive maintenance keeps your machinery running at peak performance longer, allowing you to turn out the absolute maximum level of profitable productivity. Pre-planned preventive maintenance is only a small amount of downtime that can be strategically placed between large jobs or shifts, so your time not using your machinery is minimal. But this cleaning, checking, adjustments and other preventive work prevents large breakdowns that can shut you down for days or weeks.

Make the Most of Your CNC Machinery Investments

Your CNC machines are a huge investment – one that you want to get the most out of for the long term. Making those costly machines last and remain productive for as long as possible is just good business. CNC machine preventive maintenance keeps them healthy and updated for the longest possible lifespan, giving you the best return on your investment. 

CNC Machine Preventive Maintenance from Accurate MTS

Accurate Machine Tool Services in Franklin, WI offers three tiers of CNC machine preventive maintenance that are each tailored to fit your size shop and its equipment. We also work with you to schedule these services when it fits your working schedule to minimize impact on your productivity. Trained technicians from Accurate MTS are experienced and certified on almost every brand and type of CNC machines, so you can trust our work. 

Contact us today to ask about preventive maintenance packages and how they can be a sound investment in the health and longevity of your CNC machinery.