Accurate Machine Tool Services Now Provides Certified Hurco Service

Accurate Machine Tool Services has been your leader in Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois for accurately maintaining CNC equipment, and now we have significantly added to our professional level of services. After extensive dealer-provided training at Hurco® USA in Indianapolis, Accurate MTS is now certified for numerous service options on Hurco CNC machinery and products. 

Being a Certified Hurco Service provider allows us to greatly expand our usefulness to customers throughout our service area. We now add this service ability to our other qualified and experienced service that you’ve come to depend on for products by Toyoda, Hyundai, Wia, Mori Seiki, Wele, NTC, Nakamura Tome, Kia, OKK, Hwacheon, Awea, Matsura, Robo Drill, Kiwa, Topper, Johnford, Youji, Samsung, Hitachi Seiki, Kitamura, SMEC, Leadwell, Eurotech and Milltronics.

Certified Hurco Service Offerings

Our experienced technicians can now provide authorized service on Hurco machinery and products, including repairs, routine maintenance, troubleshooting and more. Some of the specific Hurco services we can now provide include: 

  • Hurco CNC machinery installations 
  • Probing
  • WinMax® CNC Control Software 
  • Ecat Sigma Drive
  • Swing Arm Tool Changes 
  • Software Options 


Machine shops and other clients using Hurco CNC machinery and products throughout Southeast Wisconsin and Northern Illinois can now rely on the experienced and qualified technicians from Accurate MTS for routine maintenance and 24-hour emergency service.

Why is Certification So Important?

Factory or manufacturer certification means that the holder knows what they are doing and can be depended on to provide reliable service on the manufacturer’s products. Every manufacturer does things a little different to set their products apart from competitors. Knowing these unique characteristics gives certified technicians an edge for providing quality repairs and maintenance. 

Factory certifications are also important for providing warranty service. The manufacturer will only honor their warranty if service is provided by authorized, certified repair technicians who have completed factory-approved training. Choosing a certified repair service guarantees your warranty will be upheld and you will get the top-tier service the manufacturer requires for their products. 

Contact Accurate MTS today for preventive maintenance plans to fit your size operation and emergency repairs on all brands of CNC machinery within 24 hours.