What is a Lathe Machine?

Among the most versatile and basic tools in any shop is the lathe machine. Used in woodworking as well as metal machining, the lathe allows a worker to remove unwanted material and create various shapes and sizes for better use, or in preparation for more advanced machining on another tool. 

Let’s learn more about the lathe machine and its parts. When your shop needs lathe repair services, Accurate Machine Tool Services has trained and experienced technicians who can repair a wide range of brands and models.

Lathe Machines 101

The lathe machine works by firmly holding a piece of material while it rotates at high speeds, allowing a stationary cutting tool to shape it and remove unwanted material. There are many models and types of lathes used for certain materials and specialized techniques of machining. Lathes generally have six basic parts: 

  1. The bed or base holds all the parts of the lathe together. The distance from the bed to the main spindle determines the size materials that can be machined on your lathe. 
  2. The headstock channels the power of the motor to the workpiece, causing it to spin at high speeds. It also holds the main spindle. 
  3. The motor is underneath the bed, near the headstock, and provides power to turn the workpiece. 
  4. The tailstock is opposite the headstock and helps to hold the workpiece securely while it turns at high speeds for machining. It can be adjusted for size or removed altogether for servicing or cleaning the lathe. 
  5. The toolrest lies at the side of the bed between the headstock and tailstock. It is also adjustable for height and rotation. Various tools can be used to shape and remove material from the workpiece. 
  6. The spindle, or spindles if there are more than the main one, hold the workpiece and allow for attachments, such as centers, faceplates and chucks. These help to adjust and hold the workpiece. 

Lathes are used for shaping, sanding, cutting and deforming materials for all kinds of various uses. It is an essential tool for machine shops, and is often used for basic preparatory steps before moving the workpiece to more advanced tools.

Quality Lathe Repair Services

Your lathe machine is likely used quite often, and should be kept in prime working condition. Accurate Machine Tool Services provides both mechanical and electrical repair services for when things go wrong, and preventive maintenance services to catch signs of problems before they happen. Contact us today when you need fast, professional lathe repair services.