Top 3 Reasons for CNC Machine Calibration

Machine calibration is vital to your shop’s ongoing success. Precise engineering projects for numerous industries require tight tolerances, often measured in microns. This means your tools must be just as accurate. Parts for complex machinery that are off even by a few microns can cause overheating, vibration and other problems, or simply not fit. 

Many factors make a regular schedule of machine calibration wise. Environmental effects like temperature, mounting, alignment and repeated use (or sporadic use) can cause machinery to become out of alignment. The simplest 3-axis machine tool has 21 parameters for error – you can see how more complex machine tools can be much worse. 

Accurate Machine Tool Services offers professional CNC machine calibration as part of our routine maintenance services and machine repairs. Errors in calibration result in diminished quality in your tooling, casting, machining, assembly and more. Reworking or scrapping unusable parts because of calibration errors is costly. 

Out of many reasons you should perform routine CNC machine calibration, here are the top three:

Improve Accuracy on Your Critical Machines

As mentioned earlier, mechanical machinery can be affected by environmental and other factors that can make things become misaligned. Performance erodes, requiring more time and effort to complete tasks, or wasting materials. Regular machine calibration can detect and correct errors before they turn into large problems, extending the life of your usable machinery.

Reduce Waste with CNC Machine Calibration

Your lathe machine is likely used quite often, and should be kept in prime working condition. Accurate Machine Tool Services provides both mechanical and electrical repair services for when things go wrong, and preventive maintenance services to catch signs of problems before they happen. Contact us today when you need fast, professional lathe repair services. 

Learn Your Machinery’s Limitations

Did you recently purchase a new or used CNC tool? Machine calibration is the best way to discover its tightest tolerances and maximum production scale without risking errors on money-making tasks. Identify the machine’s outer limits so you and your team will know the type of work best suited for that particular machine. 

Contact Accurate Machine Tool Services for precise, reliable machine calibration for all your CNC equipment.