What is Renishaw Ballbar Testing?

The basis of all ballbar testing is to precisely measure an actual circular path of a ballbar and then compare it with the programmed path in order to determine the machine’s accuracy.

Renishaw Ballbar Testing is a quick and simple method of obtaining a large amount of data about a CNC machine’s performance. Modern ballbar testing uses Bluetooth connectivity and Renishaw’s Ballbar 20 software to connect the QC20 ballbar and the operator.


Setup for Renishaw ballbar testing is simpler than ever, as the Ballbar 20 software guides the entire process. The user positions the center pivot, spindle, and ballbar and sets the starting coordinates. 


Two tests are typically performed, depending on the type of CNC machine being tested. 

  • 360-Degree Testing – this measures as the machine draws two circles, one clockwise and one counterclockwise. The test radius can be adjusted as needed. 
  • 220-Degree ‘Partial Arc’ Testing – this aspect of testing uses a restricted arc in two different orthogonal planes to measure the accuracy of the machine and its programmed tasks. 


Data can be viewed in real-time during the actual Renishaw ballbar testing, but it is also captured for more detailed analysis and diagnosis of any problems. Users can choose from several reporting formats, including ISO, ASME, and volumetric analysis. Reports can also be customized using the Renishaw Ballbar 20 software. 

Purpose of Renishaw Ballbar Testing 

Any deviations detected from Renishaw ballbar testing can indicate not only a problem with the machine but the origin of the problem. Inaccurate operations can be from programming errors, software glitches, electrical surges, tool wear, improper calibration, and other factors. 

Accurate Machine Tool Services has skilled technicians and advanced equipment to perform Renishaw ballbar testing on your CNC machines to detect any problems. We also have the skills and can source the necessary components to correct problems quickly, so you can continue your essential operations without undue delay. 

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