Advantages of CNC Machining

Modern manufacturing is all about speed, efficiency, and sustainability. CNC Machining enables these goals with data-driven tools and equipment that continues to push the windows of innovation. This is essential for producing precision-turned components and parts in massive quantities. The advantages of CNC machining can greatly enhance your company’s overall profitability, efficiency, and safety. Let’s briefly explore some distinct advantages here.

Results in Greater Accuracy

CNC machinery operates autonomously with little to no manual intervention, eliminating human errors in the manufacturing process. Advanced software and coding governs the machining process, delivering greater accuracy than is capable with human hands and actions. Plus, CNC machining relies on immutable digital inputs throughout each cycle in a continuous process for as long as necessary, meaning there are no compromises on quality. CNC machines do not get tired. 

Results in Faster and More Efficient Production

CNC machining not only results in greater accuracy but its speed is unmatched by human efforts. These complex machines can run at high speed 24 hours a day if necessary, without tiring, breaks, or pauses for recalibration. Fast, accurate machining of parts means highly efficient production rates, which also contributes to quicker assembly processes. Even manual assembly lines are made more efficient by using CNC machining to produce parts that fit seamlessly together. 

Produces Little Waste

CNC machinery software includes built-in coding that intuitively optimizes how a component is machined to reduce waste. Test models are run in simulation to determine optimal methods, so the final CAD-CAM model will produce exemplary results with near-zero wasted material from the first cycle. Moreover, CNC machining uses repeatable software, fixed tools, and fixed material routing to make the most efficient use of raw materials. 

Enhances Personnel Safety

A significant benefit of CNC machining is how the complex production at high speed is completely isolated from human operators, enhancing their safety. Modern computer programming handles every adjustment, tool change, adding and removing raw material and finished products, and more without any necessary contact with a person. Operator involvement is limited to supervisory roles with remote monitoring and required maintenance during downtime. 

Reduces Production Costs

Every energy-intensive manufacturing industry seeks ways to reduce energy consumption to reduce costs, gas emissions, and other environmental hazards. CNC machining is already an energy-efficient and labor-saving method of manufacturing that saves precious resources. Only the exact amount of effort is expended to complete precision milling operations, reducing energy use, raw materials, and other production costs. Plus, increased safety and efficiency reduces operational costs and financial liabilities from accidents and injuries. 

Reliable CNC Machine Service from Accurate Machine Tool Services 

Keeping your valuable CNC machinery up and running at maximum productivity and efficiency is what Accurate Machine Tool Services does best. Our skilled and experienced technicians are qualified and capable of serving all makes and models of CNC equipment, including electrical and mechanical repairs. We can also connect you with new CNC machinery and robotics when your shop is ready for upgrades. 

The best way to realize all the advantages of CNC machining in your shop is to take advantage of our tailored Preventive Maintenance Services. Accurate MTS offers three levels of preventive maintenance packages to fit every level shop and its needs. Basic machine servicing, inspections, and even QC20 Renishaw Ballbar Testing is available to maintain your equipment at peak efficiency. 

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