Healthy CNC Machine Functionality Means a Healthy Brain

CNC Machine Functionality is a primary concern for modern machine shops. CNC stands for “Computer Numerical Control,” in which computer software actually directs the operations of various machining tools and machinery. This overcomes the limitations of human interfaces with levers, wheels, and other controls, allowing for much higher levels of precision and accuracy in measurements and manufacturing. 

Healthy CNC machine functionality means a healthy brain – and that means fully functional and updated operating systems

CNC Machine Functionality Programming

CNC machines are categorized as either open loop or closed loop machines. The CNC machine functionality of each type is different and requires more or less control from the operator or the computerized operating system. 

Open Loop Machines perform a pre-programmed series of actions until the process is completed. It requires little input from a human operator after receiving its initial instructions. 

Closed Loop Machines are capable of much more complex operations, as they are able to receive feedback from sensors or the operator and adjust automatically to perform a wider selection of desired actions. 

Common CNC machines falling into these categories include: 

  • Drills
  • Lathes
  • Plasma cutters
  • Electric discharge machines
  • Water jet cutters
  • Milling machines
  • Turning machines

CNC Machine Functionality Software

CNC machine functionality is driven by different types of software. This source code essentially tells the machine what operations to perform and how to perform them in precise detail. The main types of CNC software used in machine shops include: 

CAD – Computer-aided design software drafts 2D vector or 3D solid parts and surface renderings with technical documentation and specifications for the parts, eliminating the need for a prototype. 

CAM – Computer-aided manufacturing software extracts the technical information from CAD and creates the actual programming that runs the CNC machine in question. 

CAE – Computer-aided engineering software is an engineering tool for analysis, helping engineers plan, design, manufacture, evaluate, modify and repair products and designs. 

CAD/CAM/CAE – this software combines all three platforms into one easy application that is used to fabricate tools and products from design all the way to production.

Help with Your CNC Machine Functionality

Accurate Machine Tool Services can help your shop with CNC machine functionality. Our trained and experienced technicians can diagnose and create solutions for a wide variety of problems, and on numerous different brands of machinery and software. Contact us today for CNC machine repairs.