5 Signs You Need to Call in the Machine Tool Repair Experts

Your complex CNC machinery is a valuable investment and requires care and maintenance to keep running smoothly. Some minor problems while operating these machines are inevitable; however, how do you know what your team can handle and when you need to call in the machine tool repair experts? Accurate Machine Tool Services in Southern Wisconsin shares the top five signs that your CNC machines need machine tool repair from CNC repair professionals.

1. Machine Overheating

Like any machine, your CNC machinery can overheat with constant use or when things go awry. Normal operating temperatures for CNC machinery typically shouldn’t exceed 150 degrees Fahrenheit, or you could risk serious damage. If a machine is overheating, shut it down and clean out the workspace and filters, then try using it again. If overheating persists, it is likely an internal problem and requires professional machine tool repair. 

2. Machine Makes Odd Noises 

Odd noises coming from a high-speed CNC machine are never a good sign. Some vibration or chattering sounds may be attributable to running the machine too fast or attempting to cut into a piece of material too deeply. Back off the speed and depth and try again at the recommended tool speed and depth for the particular machine. If odd noises or vibration persists, you may need professional machine tool repair to diagnose and fix the problem. 

3. Work Edges Are Burned or Damaged 

If you notice the edges of machined materials or parts are getting burned or suffering damage, the likely culprit is worn or damaged tools. Sometimes this can also be caused by machining at too low a speed. Shut down the machine and replace the tool with a new one. Confirm the recommended operating RPM for the machine and try machining on a new piece of material. If burning or damage persists, a machine tool repair expert may need to check the machine’s alignment, calibration, or other issues. 

4. Machine Has Low Voltage 

If a CNC machine shuts down suddenly or operates intermittently, this can signify low or fluctuating voltage. This condition can also cause excessive heat that could damage components. If voltage is low at the machine but not at the source, the likely issue is faulty relays, wiring, coils or connections. A machine tool repair expert from Accurate MTS can fix your machine before serious damage occurs. 

5. Machines Are Getting Old 

Even if your CNC machines are running well, a breakdown could occur at any time if they are dated. If it has been some time since the machine has had routine maintenance checks or service, setting aside time for that now could save you from a more serious breakdown in the future. A machine you only use occasionally can sometimes escape notice for maintenance; devices you use regularly need routine servicing to keep them running at peak efficiency. 

Accurate MTS can inspect your older CNC equipment and recommend maintenance to keep them running; plus, an inspection could detect pending problems that can be easily fixed now – and for less money – than if a breakdown occurred. 

Wisconsin Machine Tool Repair Experts 

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