Accurate Machine Tool Services Is On Your Side

Machine shops and CNC service companies often form long-term relationships. This is built on trust, respect, and competency. Accurate Machine Tool Services has worked hard to forge quality relationships with many different companies from various industries throughout Southern Wisconsin since 2015. With over 100 years of combined experience within our team of exceptionally trained technicians, Accurate MTS is on your side for fast, reliable repairs and preventive maintenance services.

Superior Qualifications

Accurate Machine Tool Services is on your side with superior qualifications. Our professional team of technicians are trained, skilled, and certified to service over 24 different brands of CNC mechanical and electrical machinery, from simple drill presses to elaborate hobbing and shearing machines and more. 

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Plus, as the machining industry evolves and incorporates even more advanced technology, Accurate MTS will continue to be the leading Wisconsin CNC repair company. Our technicians routinely participate in refresher training and higher certification instruction to stay competent in new advancements. 

Varied Experience

Accurate Machine Tool Services is on your side with varied experience. Superior training is only the beginning for becoming an expert CNC repair technician. Nothing prepares a technician like experience. Certain brands and models of machinery have specific quirks and weaknesses, and only experience can prepare a technician to know the signs of a certain problem and the best repair techniques. Our repair technicians at Accurate MTS have more than 100 years of combined experience, which means fast, reliable diagnoses and repairs for you. 

Moreover, our experience with a wide range of equipment brands and models influences our incredible parts inventory. We stock many common parts and accessories for CNC machinery to help our technicians facilitate fast repairs. Their experience in knowing what breaks down most often is vital to helping us stock the right parts for superior service. 

Response Flexibility 

Accurate Machine Tool Services is on your side with response flexibility. When breakdowns do happen, time is money – downtime loses productivity and money. You don’t have time to wait a week for a service technician to arrive and evaluate the problem, and then another week waiting for parts to arrive, and then another week for the tech to return and complete repairs. 

Accurate MTS guarantees a response within 24 hours of your call for mechanical or electrical service throughout Southern Wisconsin and surrounding communities. Our skilled technicians are fully equipped with all the necessary alignment tools, test bars, and equipment to diagnose almost any problem, and we carry the most commonly used parts on hand to facilitate quick repairs. Even when some aspect of your CNC machinery needs to be rebuilt, we can do it faster and cheaper in most cases than replacing it. 

Preventive Maintenance 

Accurate Machine Tool Services is on your side with preventive maintenance. Keeping your valuable CNC machinery operating in top condition is vital to the success of your business. Day-to-day cleaning and maintenance are essential, but professional-grade preventive maintenance can make your machines last and operate longer, extending your return on investment and keeping your shop running at full capacity. 

Accurate MTS offers three levels of tailored preventive maintenance services that can accommodate the needs of every size company. From basic inspections and reporting to advanced ballbar testing and oil/filter changes, our skilled and trained technicians perform needed maintenance that keeps your machines running smoother, longer. We customize our services to the machinery your shop uses, and work on a schedule that minimizes disruption to your operations. 

Accurate Machine Tool Services 

Are you looking for a reliable, highly qualified CNC machinery repair and maintenance company in Wisconsin? Call or message us online to ask more about our repairs and preventive maintenance services and how we can partner with your company for enhanced productivity and machine longevity.