10 Machines Every Shop Should Have

Are you fitting out a new machine shop? Accurate Machine Tool Services can help you maintain all manner of specialty tools and machines. We provide rapid response service when you need repairs and we also offer routine maintenance plans to keep all your shop healthy and operating smoothly. Here are the 10 must have’s that every machine shop needs to compete in the modern marketplace.

Lathe Machine

Lathes are multipurpose metalworking tools that rotate the workpiece to perform various machining operations like facing, turning, boring, drilling, threading, sanding, knurling, and cutting. 

Milling Machine

The Mill uses rotary cutters to remove undesired material. It is a truly versatile machine that no shop can do without.

Grinding Machine

Grinders use an abrasive wheel that rotates at high speeds to remove small amounts of material. Machinists can flatten, shape, and smooth surfaces for a variety of tasks.

Drilling Machine

Drills are used to create or “drill” holes of various sizes as needed. Smaller, handheld models are used in shops, as well as bench-mounted models for more heavy and precise drilling.

Shaper Machine

Shaper machines use cutting tools held at various angles to cut, shape and form material into different shapes. Precision CNC shapers are capable of creating complex shapes with intricate precision.

Saw Machine

Saws are used to cut material into smaller parts. Band saws are better for creating long pieces and circular saws are intended for more generalized cutting.

Broaching Machine

A broaching machine uses a tool with teeth, called a broach, to remove material from a working piece. Linear and rotary broaching use different setups for shaping various sizes of materials.

Planer Machine

Planers use a stationary cutting tool that moves in a linear motion across a working piece to shave off excess material. This enables the machinist to reduce the thickness of a long piece of material to create flat, even surfaces.

Hobbing Machine

Hobbing machines are a variant of the milling machine that uses a special type of cutting tool for producing high-precision gears, shafts, splines and other cylindrical parts.

Shearing Machine

Shearing machines are ideal for cutting thin sheets of material into different shapes and sizes for more precise operations. They simply cut, leaving no excess or wasted material.

When your CNC machines need maintenance to increase their longevity and reduce your downtime, call Accurate MTS and learn more about our maintenance packages that are tailored to fit your shop’s unique needs and equipment. We provide fast response and quick service. Call today to learn more.