5 Tips for Maintaining Your Metal Working Equipment with CNC Service

CNC machines are great for home projects or to produce business products. However, if your equipment isn’t properly maintained, it may not last the expected lifespan. Follow these tips or call Accurate Machine Tool Services for further support to get the most out of metalworking equipment.

Follow the User Manual

Most people hate reading the user manual beyond what is necessary to grasp the basic operation of a CNC. However, this little booklet will likely contain a bounty of useful information on maintaining your equipment. From operation to identifying the need for CNC service, the user manual should remain your go-to resource throughout the life of your machine.

Regular Lubrication Checks

Moving parts are at the core of how CNCs produce the end product. Wear-and-tear will occur if these parts are not regularly lubricated. You can follow a weekly regimen of oiling up the moving parts, which typically ensures that even the highest production equipment is well maintained. Good machine care will also reduce the need to pay for CNC service or repairs.

Alignment Inspection

Misalignment is both a production and safety issue. The products resulting from a poorly aligned machine will reflect the maker. Additionally, there is a risk to health associated with any machinery that has misaligned moving parts. These components are typically powerful and are sharp enough to cut. You can check alignment according to the manufacturer’s instructions or turn to Accurate Machine Tool Services for professional CNC service.

Frequent Cleaning

Metalworking is a messy process. You also must consider the dirt, dust and debris coming from outside the workspace. All this grime and material fragments can get into moving parts. This could spell trouble for productivity or the lifespan of the equipment. Regular cleaning will prevent this unnecessary wear and tear. A quick inspection of moving parts should tell you whether you need to remove dirt and other types of debris.

Sharpening Milling Tools

Milling tools are used to perform scoring, cutting, drilling, and even chopping. These tools should be sharpened as needed or according to instructions from the manufacturer. Failure to properly maintain milling tools will result in poor-quality products. If you need a reliable CNC service, reach out to Accurate Machine Tool Services today.

If you need a professional for CNC service, Accurate Machine Tool Services can provide solutions. Contact us to learn more.