5 Benefits of Double Column Machining Centers in Manufacturing

In today’s competitive manufacturing landscape, enhancing the size limitations and component types you produce can propel you ahead of the competition. Instead of losing out on orders for materials that are difficult to work with or too large, expanding your Computer Numerical Control (CNC) capabilities can open new business channels across a swath of industries. With its multiple advantages, a double column machine center may be what you need to take your business to the next level. Explore everything you need to know about the double column machine center to find out if it’s the right choice for your facility.

What is a CNC Double Column Machining Center?

Any CNC machining center possesses a high level of automation, allowing a single machine to work a piece through multiple machining operations without transferring the workpiece to another station. The center’s computer-controlled output allows for rapid production with precise results, ensuring each run is fast, consistent and meets your client’s specifications. 

Double column machining centers excel at creating complex structures, parts with large dimensions, heavy workpieces and difficult-to-work-with materials. These machines are typically designed to reduce vibration when working with these starting pieces. To achieve this, the machine has a large table and a rigid build, resulting in a heavier machine. Two columns and a cross rail support the spindle head close to the Y-axis, allowing for increased stability. This stability enhances cutting speeds while maintaining tight tolerances, and the machines can handle heavy-duty tasks and an array of materials, including composites, metals and plastics.

What Are the Benefits of Double Column Machining Centers?

Double column machining centers offer many advantages in manufacturing critical components, unusual and complex geometries, large parts and heavy-duty components. Double column machining capabilities are frequently sought by the aerospace, automotive and heavy equipment industries, as well as within renewable energy, and mold and die making.

The double column machining centers address the needs of these industries with five main benefits:

1.  Enhanced Capabilities

As part designs continue to become more complex, meeting the needs of various industries requires a machine that can keep pace with manufacturing changes and challenges. The double column machining center provides the flexibility to work with multiple configurations and materials while remaining fast and precise.

2. Improved Stability

The machining center’s double columns reduce vibrations and other external forces, minimizing deviations and improving accuracy and surface finish.

3. Faster Production

Since the double column machining center can perform multiple functions, production requires less workpiece handling or machine changing. The computer stores the required workpiece’s specifications, reducing setup time and minimizing the chance of human error. Both of these factors speed up the production process while reducing overall operational costs.

4. Reduced Production Costs

Double column machining centers are designed to optimize cutting speeds and product removal, resulting in the more efficient use of raw materials. 

Consistently faster and more accurate than human production, the machines also achieve superior speeds to single column machines.

5. Durability and Longevity

Thanks to their rigid structure, double column machining centers are exceptionally stable. This results in less day-to-day wear on the machine and its components, resulting in a longer optimum production life, provided the machines are properly selected, installed and maintained.

How Do I Select and Maintain My Double Column Machining Center?

Working with a CNC sales and service partner like Accurate MTS can help you purchase the double column machining center best suited to your production needs. Factors such as the type of materials you work with, the components you manufacture, your facility’s square footage and your overall budget will impact your machine choices.

Accurate MTS also provides multiple preventative maintenance programs to ensure your double column machining center and other CNC machines remain at peak efficiency. Contact us today to discuss how a double column machining center can improve productivity and grow your business.