Healthy CNC Machine Functionality Means a Healthy Brain

CNC Machine Functionality

CNC Machine Functionality is a primary concern for modern machine shops. CNC stands for “Computer Numerical Control,” in which computer software actually directs the operations of various machining tools and machinery. This overcomes the limitations of human interfaces with levers, wheels, and other controls, allowing for much higher levels of precision and accuracy in measurements […]

Weekly Machine Maintenance Checklist that can Save You Big

machine maintenance

Machinery breakdowns cost your company precious downtime and repair expenses. You may even have to replace machinery or tools due to failures. This unplanned downtime actually eliminates between 5-20% of your total average productivity. One estimate places the costs of downtime industry-wide at $50 billion each year. Weekly machine maintenance can save you big, catching […]

Rearrange Your Shop with Safe Machine Moving Practices

Machine Moving

While the uninitiated may view a machine shop and see a random scattering of various machines, a wise machinist or shop manager can take a single look and determine if the shop layout is conducive for maximum production and safety. If your current shop layout could use some rearranging to make things flow smoother, follow […]

Top 3 Reasons for CNC Machine Calibration

Machine Calibration

Machine calibration is vital to your shop’s ongoing success. Precise engineering projects for numerous industries require tight tolerances, often measured in microns. This means your tools must be just as accurate. Parts for complex machinery that are off even by a few microns can cause overheating, vibration and other problems, or simply not fit. Many […]

What is a Lathe Machine?

lathe repair services

Among the most versatile and basic tools in any shop is the lathe machine. Used in woodworking as well as metal machining, the lathe allows a worker to remove unwanted material and create various shapes and sizes for better use, or in preparation for more advanced machining on another tool. Let’s learn more about the […]

How to Select the Right Materials for Your CNC Machining

CNC machining

High-quality computer numerical control CNC machining is only one aspect of creating the correct parts for a particular application. The materials chosen for machining are of paramount importance. Experienced machinists know the properties, benefits, and deficiencies of a wide variety of materials, and can select the best one for a particular part or task. Here’s […]

5 Tips for Maintaining Your Metal Working Equipment with CNC Service

cnc service

CNC machines are great for home projects or to produce business products. However, if your equipment isn’t properly maintained, it may not last the expected lifespan. Follow these tips or call Accurate Machine Tool Services for further support to get the most out of metalworking equipment. Follow the User Manual Most people hate reading the […]

5 Signs You Need CNC Mechanical Repair Services

CNC mechanical repair

CNC machinery can serve you or your business for many years. However, like any other mechanical or electrical device, a CNC will begin to break down over time. Recognizing the common signs of wear and tear and defects can save you CNC mechanical repair or replacement costs. When you use a CNC to produce business […]

Why is CNC Machine Preventive Maintenance Important to Keep Your Company Profitable?

CNC machine preventive maintenance

Maintaining your CNC machinery in Franklin and surrounding Wisconsin or Illinois towns is an absolute must. Your CNC machines are your lifeline – without them in peak operating condition, you quickly start to lose money. This is why CNC machine preventive maintenance is such a vital part of your overall business plan. Keeping your tools […]