Accurate Machine Tool Services is Wisconsin’s Top Distributor of FEELER CNC Machines

Wisconsin’s CNC machining world is poised for a transformative evolution with the latest manufacturing news. MAG, based in Sterling Heights, MI, has announced a distribution partnership with Accurate Machine Tool Services (Accurate MTS). Accurate MTS will distribute FEELER CNC machines and FFG DMC machines throughout Wisconsin. This collaboration is geared toward optimizing the availability and after-sales services of FEELER CNC Machines and FFG DMC equipment in the region. 

A Historic CNC Machine Partnership

Accurate MTS will now spearhead the distribution, service, replacement parts, and applications support of FEELER and FFG across Wisconsin. Given Accurate MTS’s prowess in the realm of CNC maintenance and repair, the partnership will capitalize on the strengths of both entities as well as the clients they serve.

The partnership also draws strength from the rich legacy of MAG, a frontrunner in horizontal milling and vertical turning machines. As an integral part of FFG for over half a decade, MAG has amplified its influence in the industry. Coupled with FFG’s global reach spanning 37 brands across 10 countries, this distribution agreement ushers in an era of enhanced quality, efficiency, and service.

The Prowess of FEELER CNC Machines and FFG DMC Machines

FFG is a trailblazer in the machine tool domain, with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities peppered around the globe, and FEELER CNC Machines stand out in the industry with a variety of specialized machinery tailored for different requirements.

Accurate MTS clients now have easy access to some of the most innovative CNC and DMC machines on the market, including:

Horizontal CNC Lathes: Synonymous with precision and repeatability, FEELER CNC lathes offer intricate design, accuracy and complex geometries.

Vertical Machining Center (VMC): Known for its versatility, the FEELER VMC facilitates a range of operations from drilling to milling, ensuring precision, and repeatability across tasks.

Horizontal Machining Center: Elevating the standards of milling, FEELER CNC HMCs allow for multi-sided machining in a single setup, marking them as favorites for heavy-duty applications.

5-Axis Vertical Machining Center: FEELER facilitates complex machining without the need for multiple setups or repositioning.

Double Column Machining Center: Tailored for heavy-duty tasks, FEELER machines are noted for their stability and precision.

CNC Bed Type Universal Milling Machine: Embodying flexibility, these machines can perform a range of milling tasks, with FEELER establishing themselves as the go-to for varied production needs.

CNC Boring and Milling Machine:  FEELER CNC machines are indispensable for the precision machining of large components.

Accurate Machine Tool Services’ comprehensive capabilities, combined with the global reach and expertise of FFG DMC and FEELER CNC machines, offer tangible benefits for businesses. Manufacturers can expect faster turnaround times, minimized machine downtimes, and a consistent high-quality output. This streamlined efficiency will bolster Wisconsin’s competitive edge, attracting further investments and fostering innovation within the entire state’s manufacturing landscape.

Cementing Accurate MTS’s Legacy of CNC Sales and Service

The impact of this alliance on Wisconsin’s industrial sector is profound. As manufacturing becomes ever more sophisticated and technology-driven, the state’s need for reliable, high-precision CNC machinery and support services will undoubtedly grow. This partnership not only addresses the immediate demands but also positions Wisconsin as a hub for advanced manufacturing in the years to come.

With Accurate MTS’s legacy of providing professional and efficient CNC electrical and mechanical repair, the collaboration promises enhanced services for FEELER CNC Machines users. Bolstered by a collective experience exceeding 100 years, the specialized team at Accurate MTS possesses the capability to work on a myriad of CNC mechanical or electrical machinery, ensuring preventive maintenance tailored to individual machinery and organizational needs.  Contact Accurate MTS today for more information on how FEELER CNC machines can maximize your business potential.

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